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Above anything else, stay true to yourself. Whether that means for you that you like to have blue hair, or you don’t like to drink, or you are attracted to the same sex, or you want to remove yourself from Facebook, or you’ve got 3 different kids from 3 different dads but you know you’re a really good mom, or you cry for a week because your turtle died. Whatever your truth is, stay true to yourself. But be a good person while you’re at it.

The wonderful Gillian Anderson speaks about feminism (above), wanting a role in the female-led Ghostbusters, and how she can eat more chicken nuggets than you. Yes, YOU.

Gillian Anderson Wants to Be Cast In the Female-Led Ghostbusters Right the Hell Now And Other Amazingness From Her Reddit AMA | The Mary Sue

(via themarysue)

(via themarysue)